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Why Buy A Pre-Owned Car?

2013 Ford F-150
Here at Dan Pfeiffer Pre-Owned Cars, we understand the value of buying a Pre-owned car.​ But if you’re on the fence, we’ve listed out a few reasons why you should buy a pre-owned car.

The price of a
pre-owned​ car is probably the most obvious reason for purchasing one. If you’re on a budget but you need a car, you can look at our pre-owned​ inventory and find plenty of choices that fit your needs.

The other good thing about buying
pre-owned​ is that you can afford to buy a car with more bells and whistles. Since you’re already saving a lot of money by buying pre-owned, you may have some left over to add on some additional features.

You really do get more for your money when you buy a
pre-owned​ car. Some experts say that a new car can lose between 20 and 30 percent of its value the second it’s driven off the lot. The depreciation rate is much more gradual after that. So the money you put toward your pre-owned​ car is going to be worth more.

There can be a bit of a stigma attached to
pre-owned cars – visions of doors falling off and the engine dying the second it’s driven off the lot are evoked. But now most automakers have Certified Pre-Owned programs that add a bit of extra reliability to your purchase. These vehicles are inspected by trained professionals, and you can rest easy that the car you buy will be reliable.

So if you’re in the market for a P
re-owned​ Car, come in to Dan Pfeiffer Pre-Owned Cars​ and we’ll show you what a great option buying pre-owned​ can be!​ 
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