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How To Increase Your Trade-In Value in​ Grand Rapids, MI

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When it comes time to buy a new car, many people go with the option to trade-in their old car. This can save both a lot of time and money, since you aren't going through the pain of trying to sell the car yourself. If you plan on trading your vehicle into the dealership, here's some helpful tips to keep in mind to help try and increase the value of your car.​ 

Clean Your Car

A simple way to increase your value is to simply just clean it. Take a vacumn to the inside to get out any of the dirt or grime that could've built up throughout the years. Also be sure to wipe down the dashboard and try to get rid of any stains that may be there.

Get Necessary Items Maintained

This item comes more at the discretion of you and how much you want to spend to fix any items. Weigh the pros and cons and see how much it would cost to get something repaired and if that cost outweights the additional trade-in value that you would receive from doing so. If you can't recoup the cost in the additional selling price, it might not be worth it.

Document All Service Visits

Make sure to bring any receipts or documentation you have from prior visits or maintenance that your vehicle has received. This demonstrates that you have taken good care of your car throughout the years and taken the necessary steps to help maintain its life. If you don't have the receipts, ask whatever shop or dealership you used for documentation.​ 

Detail It

Keeping up the apperance of your car matters. If there is any rust or if the paint is wearing off, take it to a detail shop. This can add a lot of value to your vehicle and doesn't take much to get the outside of it looking great again.​ 
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